Between The Lines

Shanghai | Between The Lines | © DM Barlow (2017)

Two 17mm tilt-shift lens photographs, stitched together in Photoshop. To esure that both pictures are joined seamlessly, camera and lens settings must be identical. I also need to move quickly – with fast, low clouds, the light is changing all the time, so I shoot the top image, swivel the shift-nob down and take the second picture. After establishing the settings – f/22, shutter speed of 1/13th of a second, 100 ISO, and the focal point – it takes me less than three seconds to capture both photographs.

The picture shows the famous crossroads of Fuzhou Lu and Jiangxi Lu, where three buildings – all classic examples of Art Deco architecture – frame the area, including the notorious Metropole Hotel, in front of which I set up my tripod.  This was one of the  prime nightlife locations for the rich and famous during the 1930s;  the infamous Blood Alley was just a stone’s throw away, as was the Peace Hotel and, of course, the Bund.