The Popcorn Man 

Shanghai | The Popcorn Man | © DM Barlow (2017)
On some of the older Shanghai lanes there is a timelessness that defies the modern surroundings, dress and modes of transport. Even the people on these streets have a Dickensian, amaranthine quality: you can see it in their gaze, pose … the slope of the shoulders, the fall of a hand. It hangs in the air between the decrepit buildings and vanishes like a ghost when you turn the corner into a modern thoroughfare.”

I met the popcorn man on Christmas Day 2012 on a quiet back street in northern Hongkou. I bought a bag of freshly-fired popped rice and asked if I could take his picture. I moved quickly, and took several photographs all with the 24-105 lens. It was the only time I have ever left my 90mm tilt shift at home. Such is life. I converted to black and white using Silver Efex Pro, ran some selective sharpening, and cropped.