Colours Of The Night

Shanghai | Colours Of The Night | © DM Barlow (2017)
Shanghai | The Forgotten | © DM Barlow (2017)

Shanghai by night is a remarkable creature, so utterly different to the grey, pollution-shrouded thing seen by day. The colours are vivid, bathed in and accentuated by the sodium and LED lighting. What looks ugly at 2pm, becomes mesmerizingly beautiful to the camera when darkness falls …”

I process both images by running Curves, push up Saturation, and try in vain to drag down the glare of the lights atop the building in the second image (I bracketed this picture – reducing by 4 f-stops, but nothing could prevent those lights from blowing; so instead of fighting it, I embrace the ‘supernovas’ – making them an integral part of the picture, and the story).