Shanghai | A River Runs Through It | © DM Barlow (2017)

Conflexions is the name I gave to a series of photographs that grew from hair-tugging frustration: weeks of heavy rain in Shanghai during the summer of 2012 – sitting indoors with my camera, waiting. After 21 days and nights, I could take no more and ventured out in the late evening with my tripod and gear. Looking down at the reflections of neon-lit buildings, I decided to try shooting them as a series of impressionistic photo-paintings: some almost realistic, others completely abstract. Little did I know at the time that this series would continue for the better part of four years.

Conflexions: Life seen in reverse, stories told in water, seen on sidewalks, rivers, lakes, boardwalks, puddles. Reflections turned the right way up (or the wrong way, depending on your point of view) and flipped so that what reads from right to left now reads from left to right again.To start with, the clock-tower above the former Britsh Post Office on North Suzhou Road. Photographed with a 90mm tilt-shift lens, from Sichuan Road Bridge, looking down into Suzhou Creek at 9pm …