Lost Horizon

Hong Kong is the world’s preeminent example of Humankind’s ability to harness, control and adapt to Nature. It is breathtakingly beautiful (and I say that as one who has visited the city for 37 years). Yes, there is pollution and overcrowding, but on the whole they have done a magnificent job. Hong Kong never stands still, constantly and forever reinventing itself. Perhaps the biggest problems are a disconnect with the past and an absence of identity.”

Part of a mini series: photographs of the new Central highway in Hong Kong, under construction on reclaimed land. A mammoth project that is now almost complete. I took the pictures from the bridge connecting IFC to the Star Ferry, using a Canon 5D2 and 17mm tilt-shift lens. Using the Shift function, I took four separate images (ranging from sky to immediate foreground). Three bracketed images for each exposure (+1, 0, -1) for a total of 12 photographs. I then merged the groups of three using Photoshop’s Merge To HDR Pro and stitched together the four resulting images. These were the first of seven photographs in the series, Lost Horizon …