Tales From The Creek

Shanghai | Tales From The Creek | © DM Barlow (2017)


Once notorious as the most crowded and filthiest waterway in all of China (‘we had to keep our room windows closed at the Astor House for the malodorous stench from Suzhou Creek was so overpowering it often caused neophytes to China, and sensitive young English ladies, to faint ..’), the Creek now is a dead thing: they even stopped the salt barges from mooring along its banks; and the Creek-dwellers who lived on the river until 2007 have all been rehoused.”

Part of a series called Tales From the Creek, I spent many a night wandering up and down both banks of the river for five or six miles, photographing the water, the bridges, the people and the history. This photograph was taken with a 17mm tilt-shift lens. Very little processing: I boosted saturation (just a tad), ran noise reduction and some selective sharpening. I had to tone-down the red LED on the top of the old British post office building. A long exposure of 40 seconds.