Night Bridge

Shanghai | Night Bridge | © DM Barlow (2017)

“I stand in the centre of the bridge – hands on the freezing, polished wood railing – and gaze across the river to the futuristic skyline in Pudong. I remember reading that back in the 1900s, Waibaidu was known as ‘the Bridge of Sighs’ because the most pitiful, poverty-stricken and leprous people in the city once lined the walkway upon which I now stand.”

The Bridge Of Sighs is a continuing series which I first started in 2010. Waibaidu is one of the most photographed city icons in Shanghai.  I want to take pictures that capture the character – the essence – of Waibaidu, and its remarkable 100-year story.

This image is a 25-second exposure using a 17mm lens at f/22.  In Camera Raw, I change White Balance to Cloudy, some selective sharpening – less than five minutes’ work.


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