Shanghai Rouge 

Shanghai | Rivière Rouge | © DM Barlow (2017)

This picture, from my Shanghai Rouge series, was taken at 2am on the Bund: a dense fog bleeds into the Huangpu River. Everything is vague, almost Turner-esque.

I set the White Balance on Shade to accentuate the red, copper-tasting mist. The photograph is actually comprised of three shots taken with a 17mm tilt-shift lens: one for the sky, one for the shoreline and the third for the river in the lower part of the image;  all stitched together very quickly in Photoshop. To capture the solitary salt-barge without too much motion-blur, I  shoot at a high ISO. Minimal processing work: some film-grain in Colour Efex Pro to neutralize the digital noise created by the camera.